Thursday, October 8, 2009

Tuesdays crit!

Alex: I just wanted to touch them! each time i saw them they just looked so desirable to touch. i really liked the contradiction between the rug and the cocoons. the cocoons have the illusion of looking soft but in reality are a very hard material, but the rug is very soft and comfortable and enhances the soft look altogether.

Steph: at a technical level, I know that the ace bandaged was placed in a known spot in the bathroom for the video. But you chose to put it in a spot where most people keep hair brushes or tooth paste or more common things. From that, I got the feeling that she was expecting something to happen, and so left the ace bandage in a spot that was easy to get to as if knowing she would use it soon. I got a very overwhelming sense of despair and angst, like waiting for something to happen, but the only thing that happened was she got sicker and sicker. But there was a level of urgency and expectation. I feel like i could relate this to a specific medical disease or something, but i wish we could've discussed it in crit i would have like to hear what you had to say!

Elise: I like that you didn't fire it, something about the texture adds to the realism. It looks really life like, which is then creepy when I say that the liquid around it looks like candy which kind of made me hungry. The cracking in the liquid, i think you said it was soap, makes me think of cracking ribs and of how fragile the body is.

Abby: This looks crazy real in a disturbing but cant take my eyes off it kind of way! the green liquid kind of made me think of an alien and like an eerie cave with all sorts of unknown things it in.

Lauren: I love multiples! I kept looking at all of the little squares looking for one that was different but they're all the same! so perfect and white. I really enjoy the simple shape and the plain white, along with the way you presented them.

Ashley: Each of the squares seemed to be a self portrait of you. Different parts of who you are, but they all connect. I enjoy seeing work that is so personal to people.
ps. i love the skirt of cat heads. haha

Pam: The glazes you chose were interesting. I really like the tall greenish one. It showed interesting techniques of throwing as well as firing.

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